24 months uninterrupted supply by Onsite Power Station

December will mark 2 years since the 9mva Onsite Cape Preston Power Station was commissioned. Since then, the system has run non-stop 24 hours a day providing construction and accommodation to one of the largest construction projects in Australia. Producing enough electricity to power nearly 2,000 houses, the 6 x 1500kva MTU engines offer unrivalled fuel economy and has saved the project over 2 million litres of fuel. An army of Onsite technicians operate the station and provide maintenance to the over 200 other Onsite plant items that are in use on the project. The project is supported from Onsites Karratha Branch. Onsite employs 50 staff across 5 branches in WA’s PIlbara region making it the most comprehensive support network of any rental company in the resource rich region.

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